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sunny 28 °C

Back home, in France for few days now :) til the 31 of august, when i will take a plane to montreal
was walking in main bazar, and some hours later, nicely spent with nice neighboors in plane and a transit via colombo, i was in paris! incredible how our world can be fantastic, so diverse, so rich!

i realized how much i love our planet, and its inhabitants, like my home, i will give heart and soul to protect it from now on.
Sitting on the steps of a train, wind in hairs while door open, i was watching the countryside, and those amazing old fruit trees, roots seam to pump the center of earth, people were always sitting under, they provided a refreshing place to rest, they were cementing the floor, harmonising elements, were home for so many beings, giving fruits to feed them and supply the crops and livestock, recycling air and supplying new one, they balance the temperature.. they are the beauty of our planet, continuously replenishes its surrounding, without trees, where would be this majesty?
Shakyamuni Buddha, prince Siddharta was born, reached enlightenment, and passed away under a tree :)
we can understand easily how important it it to plant and nurtur trees are virtuous acts.
I realize how important it is that the whole society need to take interest in planting various kind of trees and flowers around schools, hospitals, factories, restaurants, hotels, in their gardens....
And suddently i had an idea! why not buying all kind of fruit trees seeds, with sponsors for each one of them, and offering them to people, families, etablishments around france first to see if its working well, and then going abroad to expand this movements? planting a tree would be really symbolic, when giving a seed, i should arouse people, kids about importance of environment and how to take care of it, as they will take care of this future tree, making them understand the interdependante nature of the world and its inhabitants. i realized it when i saw people defecating everywhere, throwing garbage in rivers and outside home, spitting everywhere, without imagining that its hazard to health and hygiene, and they are poiling landscapes.
i could take a picture of people who received seeds, they would write few words for the sponsor of their seed behind, and exchange adress, which could increase the connections between different culture and ways of living.

wether we like it or not we are born just as part of a great family on this earth: rich, poor, educated or not, belonging to one nation, ideology or another, we are jus human beings like everyone else. Today every crisis become global, s speaking about my nation, my family, my continent, my traditions is out of date! If we concern this new interdependance, considering interests of others is clearly the best form of self interest!
All phenomenas, from the plaet we inhabit to the oceans, clouds, forests and flowers that surround us arise in dependance upon subtle patterns of energy, without they just dissolve... we need to appreciate this fact of nature even more than in the past!
the rapidchanges in our attitude toward environment is a great source of hope! every individual has the responsibility to help guide our global family in the right direction: large human movements spring from individual initiatives!

im very happy to have heard and red after that such kinds of initiative, promoting fruit tree seeds plantation and care, had already been launched by different people and charities: as the dalai lama, who use his nobel price money to buy seeds, or moitessier, great sailor, or this french movement kokopelli and many others!

im really willing to work in that direction in the years to come, volunteering here or here, involving in or creating sustainable development projects, working a bit abroad if trips cannot be sustainable with working-holidays permits, the next years could be in asia and in australia for me!
i will graduate, and then try to leave about one year in nepal, sikkim or south inda to volunteer in micro finance, then woofing for a while in india, or laos yet to see, then leaving australia and new zealand with permits, keep studying my seed project, finding sponsors eventually... and i have so many other ideas, but as you know, opportunities create on the way and plans break out. then i prefer in the next years to live according to my values, without loosing one second any longer, procrastinating expecting or postponing anything.

I dont know whats gonna happen to me, where this willingness to act for the planet and inhabitants will lead, what my motivation, heart and soul can create and change, but they are here. Im here for my planet, may all attractiv forest expand in all thousands directions , may all sentient creatures be freed from untimely death and live happy lives!

thank you very much!

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sunny 35 °C

And Im back in Delhi! After 4 hours jeep following the torrent river in the Bengali jungle,
½ hours auto rickshaw and 27 hours train ride mostly sitting on the steps door open, watching the amazing countryside passing so fast!
But it was worthwhile: D MY time in Bengal has been really exceptional!

Even if sometimes my cold blood had been tested, as the last days I spent in a small village, lost in the mountains, I decided to do a one day trek, arriving on a view point, clouds were covering the panoramas, but the foggy atmosphere and the deep and dense nature gave me a taste of heaven, then I decided to sit down for a while, a long while  clouds left discovering pieces of panorama, came back, meet together at the mountain summits like sheep.

I was totally fascinated by those slowly changes, revealing the true beauty, majesty of this nature. Suddently I awake cause of a tickling on my leg… I watched under my pant, and a leech was wriggling happily there, I tried to remove it gently by when one side was away frommy skin,the other side stick out on there or on my hand YYAfter an epic fight I won, and left it a bit further, and kept on walking. 10 min later same feeling YY… and then that was at least 30 leeches climbing on my shoes, socks, legs and pants… if I tried to stop to remove them, an other army charged and they join their friends on my ascension... I could already see the horror movie title älone in a foggy forest, she is eaten by leeches”… glurp…. So I walked back to the hotel with clandestine passengers, “after all they’ll just take a sip of my blood, they wont kill me, they have the right to be happy as well…. Don’t be selfish!” “im not my body, im empty of partlessand independent existence…”” good training on emptiness, but that was not a zen tale, didn’t get enlightened yet!

I arrived in my room one hour later, bleeding from feet and parts of legs where the skin is more sensitive but all my road companions had left. More fear than danger, I laugh nervously!
A bit later on I will learn that I just had to put a bit of salt and leeches leave instantly!

After that adventure I will keep walking on the road! But spending time in the village is as well very nice, watching the women chatting while making outside laundry, kids runninfg after stray dogs bursting into laughs, and at the end of the afternoon, joining everybody in the small restaurant for TV time 

The days before I assisted different kind of ceremonies, attracting all the time thousands of people in Kalimpong.
Especially the 15th of august, independence day celebration. The whole day the stadium under my hotel balcony was totally crowded, and animation in the streets was crazy!

From 8am to 5 pm, non stop animation took place in the stadium. First of all the students parade, thousands of students pervade the stadium walking school by school on army walk, balancing arms and legs on the same rhythm, stepping in the swampy ground projecting everywhere and aligned perfectly. All schools were here, from the salvation army school for blinds, to the Scottish school with kilts and corn muse, passing by English or Tibetan schools and the strange hairy hat and uniform school.

I smiled watching the dogs taking part in the party

Students will leave letting place to karate demonstrations, where kids break down pots with feet and hands, classical music concert with a 6 years old violin prodige, and football matches, in the second one the orange kitch shirts team will loose 7-0 XD
When a sun ray arise, then thousands of ombrellas start blooming like so many flowers!

But im even more fascinated by the street theater under me, staring at the pan stand, where the women sell colorful tobacco wrapped in a green leaves that kids, youngs and a bit less young, chew, putting the stuffed leaf in their mouth., next to the street snacks bike, next to the toy stand shop selling hairy kitsch dogs and plastic jewels that attract the crowds! In front of a man stamp some henna tattoo on women and kids arms and hands, kids show their shoulder, I suddenly remind the Malabar tattoo that we have when we were kid as well XD
The day on the balcony will pass as fats as a theater part!

The previous day I have been invited for the Krishna’s birthday ceremony, was a great event as well! The whole nights entire families where watching kids complicate dances, listening concerts, singing…. On the scene lightened portrait of this blue handsome god (but with a bit belly), playing flute and dancing.
I met my small friends again, they were so proud to lead me everywhere in their ceremony treating me like a queen! Just by pure kindness, we exchanged addresses I will send them postcards from Canada  (their favorite country!)

Yeah now I enjoy the last few hours in India, tomorrow my plane will bring me back to France. Even if im nostalgic toend this trip, im looking forward to meet my dears again.
I don’t know exactly what mother India has changed in me, which kind of magic sort it throw me, but I will be back here one day surely. One piece of my heart will stay there!
Will write an article once back home to conclude this trip and explain the thousands of ideas and revelations I got  thanks for showing interest in what I do, thanks for reading me 

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semi-overcast 23 °C

To everyone who will tell me that 14 people in a jeep is not possible, I will answer them that they have to try the road between Darjeeling and Kalimpong in the jungle XD
Nice ride and I arrived in this bazaar busy city yesterday.

I didn’t found the courage to face horns and animation in Buddha shops and restaurants, I watched the football match from my hotel terrace and finished “the white tiger”.
Igot fiever and flu for some days due to this terribly humid weather I guess, but as long as im moving, changing décor, im fine XD

Hotel manager gave me some hinduist magazines, I was surprised while I was reading, how close it is from Buddhism  im still lost in their thousands gods, but now I understand much better religion of people around me!
On morning I woke up at 6, impossible to meditate, Indian were speaking, and listening music, walls are like papers, as I woke up I discovered some not welcome visitors in my sleeping bag and in the bathroom snails and slugs were squatting YY outside its raining cats and dogs. Ohhhh happy dayyyyyy!!!!!

I decided to head up to the temple, as I sat down in front of Krishna s dioramas, in the big prayer room, very colorful, a nice kid came to me and offer me a personalized visit of his temple including rooms, cows stall, kitchen…

On my way women hugged me and somebody stamped between my eyes a pink spot before giving me wonderful sweets 
On evening they wait many visitors to celebrate anniversary of Krishnas birth. With wild abandon, til the middle of the night, they told me that im more than welcome, and they wait for me, I will try to throw an eye there!

I left them to visit some gompas. In Tarpa Choling a monk, Landup Wangchuk will open for me all the amazing prayer and meditation rooms protecting statues of Bhaisaya, Sakyamuni and Maitreya Buddha (respectively past, present and future), controversial deities statues kept in another room, and 2 other meditation rooms with thousand of statues of Sakyamuni and their guru founder of this gompa. We will speak for a while, he can speak nepali, Tibetan, hindi and English… exchange addresses and I will leave him to have some momos in a nice and cheap retstaurant.

There a child will come to me and speaking English, translating to his mother in nepali, he will ask me many questions, and when they will leave, we will wave a lot and say goodbye!
Im so amazed by people kindness here!

An old hinduist legend explains that before all humans were gods, but they abuse so much of their divine power that Brahma decided to withdraw it from them and to hide it somewhere they will never be able to find it. But where? Bury it and human will dig and find it, sink it in the deepest sea, and they will explore and find it. So he decided to hide it in the deepest part of each one of them, where they will never have the idea to search. It is say that from that time, humans flied, swom, digged, turned around the earth but hasn’t yet discover this divine power inside them! Today I saw this perfect, peaceful and eternally happy nature in people I met for a moment.

Tomorrow I will see the independence day festivities here, I was told by Indian that the city will be crowded, wonder how it will look like… it should means that we will be like sardines in a box! I think I will watch it from my hotel terrace, I have a view over the central ground were it will happen. And the day after tomorrow I will go to a village in the jungle, to be quiet for a while, mediate and reflecting about this trip a bit, before going back to Delhi on the 18th, and fly to paris on the 20th

Strange to think that in 6 days it will be over… my heart is squeezing, is it because Im really looking forward to see my dear ones again, or is it because I don’t want it to finish, cause my heart, body and mind are now on the road for too long, my house is on my back, and its where I feel really my self.

But anyway, I will be bck in “mother India”, part of me will stay there, and its just a goodbye, see you later!

I spent as well some time in Darjeeling before, had the opportunity to witness this human chain for the very active independantist movement for Gorkhaland,
to get lost in tea plantations and visit a tea estate factory, with the help of an employee “brother”, who will show me all the steps of tea fabrication.
I made as well kilometers down the hill to see a rock garden and waterfalls, cutting through plantation.
Once down I found this fairy tale place, but workers were hardly breaking stones, and the tale ended, I found the only tented “restaurant”in the jungle valley, where the woman cooked some waiwai for me, and I started my ascention; I was imagining that I was like tensing norguay climbing Himalayas, I made races with clouds invaded the valley under, took over guys with the stubborn cow who tried to lead it to the top, 15 minutes passed and a guy from sikkim offer me a lift to the top, he saved me 2-3 hours walk 
I visited then monasteries, and was invited for tea, as it was raining cats and dogs, they offer me to stay a while, and offer me home made cakes and we spoke.

Im so glad to belong to such a wonderful world inhabited by incredible humans, and I realized how much Im dependant of them, how much people give me, im so thankful, I do my best to give what I can, but it cannot be enough YY

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darjeeling :P

semi-overcast 20 °C

Yataaaa i arrived in Darjeeling :D i dreamt abpout for so long!! And how to say... its the most wonderful happy end to be in bengale for my trip!

How to find the words to describe this colorful city, built on a mountain ridge, surrounded by tea plantations, which offer an incredible Himalayan panorama...

From my guest house (about0.9 uros a night!), run by a so friendly family, i can see the clouds flooding the valley, and the highest ones come to tickle on th mountain summits. Sometimes some come to wander in the city and the streets become totally foggy for some minutes, creating a mystical athmosphere and they leave as fast as they arrived! I like to see the sun playing behin in a light and shadows game. From my terrasse bells rings ad echoe far away in this amazing landscape, its so quiet appart of the chicken, that i can hear the buddhist flag floating in the wind. And this is only few steps from the center 

There are some highlights i Darjeeling i discovered while i got lost in the labyrinth of small streets. As this amazing buddhist and hinduist temple just above the observatory hill, from where you can see the mosq and the st andrew church. A so peaceful mix of faiths made my heart so warm. This is the India i love so much!
Anyway, when i arrived in this temple, i had to sit on one f the colorful benches, i was so astoished! Just take the time to admire the thousands of prayer flags floating slowly in the wind, hinduists who came to kiss the holly cow statue and inclinate in front of te chemney where incense is burnt , just absorbing the really strong energy issued from the million of prayers and hopes made here, intense athmosphere becoming even more strange with th clouds effect...

I loved as well the zoo, himalayan reserve of highly endangered species: my eyes drawned into the tibetan wolf and the snow leopard ones. But i spent a long time admiring the yaks, the red pandas and the black bear as well!

Just out of the zoo, there is the imalayan mountaineering institute, where i saw pictures and equipments belonging to the mountaineers who tried or succeed to get to the top of the higest mountain in the world and especially about Tenzing Norgay first one who managed to the summit in 1953 and founder of the institute. I offered me an amazing darjeeling black tea under his statue memorial  intense visit, which shew me where human will can lead! Today institute is offering formation and adventure trip for mountaineers frfom all around the world.

I went down then to the tibetan refugee center, where people are hardworking to make handicrafts in a very traditional way, in exchange the association offer to the refugee lodging and food, they run also an orphanage and a picture exhibition in this place here for 50 long years, but atmosphere is very friendly and intense.

a small grey eyes girl ran to me and asked me for a picture XD

Tomorrow i will try to go tp a tea plantation, a botanical garden or make a day trekking startin from tiger hill to see the sunrise and coming back by gompas and monasteries along the way.

To come here from Delhi was really an amazing trip! First 27 hours train to NJP, in cheapest class, very crowded but very authentic, you can make your shopping, some people make their small business of food, tea, watch, t shirt, and toys or whatever you can imagine walking between people sitting on the floor or at 3 on a bed.
Then i took a 8 person rickshaw to goto the bus stand 8 km further and negociated a place on a jeep trunk to cross the hills til darjeeling accross the amazing bengali countryside!

Those last days i lived totally in the “now”, without caring about a futur e which is to come, just an illusion, and a past already gone. I lived every moment so deeply, each sound, color, shape, light appear so beautiful, so interesting. Each experience had been so intense. I have to say that after spending a to walking on the gandhi steps in so peaceful gardens, library and museums in delhi,
i saw this bloody corps abandonned on the sidewalk of a train station, and then being again in the amazing indian coutryside with hundreds years old trees, with roots whichseam to pump the center of the earth, flashy green rice fields with women in colorful saris leading huge cows to find the best grass. And i forgot the huge elefants walking slowly in the main bazaar in Delhi while i had a masala diner with an indian and an autrichian couple.
So many contrasts, so many discoversall the time made me live fullyin the present moment, i discovered at what point each momnt is much more meaningful when mind is not full with useless considerations about plans expectations or memories, there is no more fear, stress, sadness or boring moments.
Thats why travelling is so exciting, but i realized that its possible to live like that in everyday life as well! Each moment bringing new adventures and discovers, why to worry about something which is still to come,the moment of now is the only truth and there are never any problems in there. I realized that after all i can change everything, anywhere i go i have this mind with me, and this is always the same patterns... Kind of home, i can bring anywhere, i cannot get rid of it. From this point of view \, every moment is a travel, every new day in montreal or in france or wherever else can be a great trip!

Ioups i start writing a bit too long XD, i will be late, the nice owner ofthe guest house will cook for me a huge meal with rice, dal, vegetables, potatoes.... i wont miss that fr anything in the world!

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mc leod ganj, retreat finished!

rain 20 °C

i finished the retreat! Now coming back in daily life after 10 days in quiet nature without speaking, seams to be really agressive!
But im so full of love and happiness, my face hurt cause of this eternal smile!
I could never have imagine that i would have realize so many things during this time. That was a lifde experience, abnd i will never forget it!

I was searching for so long, what is the source of real happiness, i tried to find it in people, travels, books, sport or whatever, but this is always changing, and it mades me sad at the end, cause i was attached to those things (exagerating qualities and never wanted things to end).
Through mediatation i peeled one by one the things i identified with, which were important, and then i realized that it remains something beyond that, a deep essence, the perfect, peaceful and eternally happy human nature. its like a huge mountain lake, a perfect blue sky!
The problem is that i realized our mind are chatting all the time, just try to concentrate on the breath and the min go away after some seconds "oh it seams to be a bit to quiet here", "what are we gonna have for diner?".... and it keep repeating the same rabbish all the time, some pictures arise, and without control negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, pride and greed arise and make impossible to be totally mindful and aware , we are away of the present moment, the only real one and worst of all we identify with those thoughs and emotions "I m such a impatient person", "im reallyjealous". But they are like clouds on a blue sky they cannot affect it and sooner or later they vanished.
They are just passing and rise again later. I realized that i was just the slave of my mind, allowing those emotions to take control of me.
But realizing that every beings on earth have this perfect buddha nature, every being is just controlled by his delusions and then suffer, realizing that after all we are all 5the same and all we want is being happy and free and suffering made rise in me a huge wave of love and conmpassion. May all beings on earth be happy and free of suffering!

Love and kindness is the fundamental human nature, i was even more sure of that after all this time travelling, after depending on so many person who made my trip by giving me so much everywhere.

However i realized that the only thing that can make me happy is when i act positivly, when i act for others happiness. Who can feel well when he is lying, speaking badly, stealing, jealous, in order to increase his own happiness at the depends of the others.
But all those behaviours can be released as well as the delusion and the ignorance that cause them.
everybody has a buddhahood inside of him and can be enlightened, but we dont know that!
I realized how precious are the others, jow useless it is to run after every material things, and being slef centered, when our "I" doesnt truly exist, at least not independently, partless and permanently (i wont give other details otherwise its without end right now!)

It difficult to explain all those teachings to resume it in just few words, but i feel now incredibly thankful and loving. I cried for the first time during this trip, ive never lost control of myself even during hard times, but just realizing that i was truly happy, seing in meditation my beloved ones so close to me, so real, and realizing amount of kindness and compassion everybody has in reserve.
Duruing a meditation i created a place in my heart, that was this summit i reached during a trekk in Laddakh, one by one everyone of the most important person came and were so happy to be there, smiling, it was simply perfect, i invited also strangers, other friends, animals... i cried also when i called vajrassatva, and he has the power to heal people, one by one, my dears and again strngers, and animals i met enter the gompa, and with a bright light, he free everyone from pain and suffer. was really intense. even more cause when you are meditating, you are so deeply concentrate that the usual feeling of your body dispears, you feel really light, head is floating away, and you have no more idea of space and relativity. A deep feeling of happiness invade you.
appart of analytical and visualization mediatation i tried the single concentrated one. its very intense as well, aim is to developp a clear mindfulness. when i approach it a bit one morning, as a dead empty tree in the forest, i could witness everything passing trhough my mind stream, but without judging it or giving any kind of energy to it. tatally in the present moment, the only real one, and everything seams so wonderful, so amazing, even the most tiny sound or feeling is a great art. aim is to keep this state of mind permanently, without being disturb by the keep chatting mind. i was so peaceful the whole day. was really powerful!

What did i do then during that time, appart of the 2 last intense meditation days. the other one i spent about 3 hours meditating, 3 hours listening to the teachings, 4 hours reading, and 1 hour yoga!
the rest was eating, resting, and simply enjoying being there!

It can seam to be a bit hard, but it was a so great time!so full of fun when we burst into laughts when a monkey enetr the kitchen and steal cookies or when we start meditating and then " MeUeUuUuUuUuUiiiiiiiiiiieuuuuuuuu".
or when moonsoon clouds enter the gompa, or sourround us and everything become foggy just for some seconds.
the food was alos so great! with home made bread and penut butter, vegetarian dishes (its a being with a buddha nature also, and he could have been our own mother in a previous life, causewe had countless lives if we believe in the smasare, the cycle of rebirths til reaching enlightenment)
and not speaking was also a perfect opportunity to live with myself, after having spend so much time opening to others while travelling.
to make short a wonderful time, exeptional experience, and i look forward to share what i ve learn with you sooner or later.
but now i have to rush to the bus to go to Dehli tonight (mmm a night without sleep in those old TATA buses, but its part of the experience, if i can i will try to take a train to go to darjeeling, and sikkim tomorrow, but trains are really crowded in india, if not whoknows, rajastan? agra? calcutta? lets see!

thanks for reading me!
may you be well and happy and free of suffering!

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