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bandar abbas, dubai and arrival in delhi!

sunny 44 °C

DELHIIIIIII!!!! here i am in india XD
finally the dream came true, my pilgrimage is now finished and start the exploration of this fascinating country!
actually delhi is a quite crowded city, a bit dirty and charming then, like i like, full of colors, surprises and smells.
looking at the million of rickshaw quiet huge cows, seam to be philosophs. even monkeys dancing all around cannot disturb them!
poverty is stricking, i saw some people almost dying on the streets, just in front of the very modern and smart metro station, contrasts are everywhere, and witness fast development, luxury brands have already take place in connaught place all around.
thats not really a cioty for me, i need nature now, calm and meditation, i decided to offer me before a trekking n the north east himalayas, laddakh and cashemire the most beautiful flight on earth, the one to srinagar and stay 3 nights in a boat house, the whole for 80 euros... (my own gift, extra, after the long way to come!).

what happened then since last article... i took a train to bandar abbas, south iran, i met really nice brotherhood in the train station and they offer me to saty with them in minab, 100 km from there, the 2nd palm trees city in the world! was a really nice time! we went togarden for the sunset, before its too hot( around 50 degres), ate mangos from the trees, and ride til the top of the mountain here, they were really welcoming, felt again like in a family!

but i was so near to india, so in a hurry o arrive, i needed to take the road again. and believe it or not the employees of the bank will pay my flight to go there and i will be invited the whole afternoon in fariba family waiting for this flight, she has 2 really cute twins, and brothers and sisters were there with their children, we will speak, watch movies, eat... i really enjoyed those last moments in iran!

so what happened: on morning i left to bandar abbas to take a boat, bad surprises its really much more expensive than i thought, about 100 euros to go to dubai, i missed some 10 euros to pay the ticket, so i went to the main melli bank to withdraw. but nowhere iran accept mastercard. they aask me to sit down, offer me tea and fruits, tell me to keep all the money i had left and ask me if i would accept that they bookthe ticket for me as friends. I was so confused, but so thankful, i guess they understood... i will definitly remember iranian people, and their warm welcoming and help.

on evening i will jump in the flight to dubai, as i was above the city i felt like arriving in the center of the world, the capital of the universe. all the world turned around me now XD just strange feeling! as i arrived at 00, i decided to sleep inthe airport, and on morning ask info about flights to india. but roberto, slovak-american traveller, exactly on the same trip, had a couch surfing in the city, so he offered me to come with him and to share a taxi. lets go! mak, the guy was really kind ad helpful, syrian he arrived here for a short term stay, sellman for tiffany, time to make experience and money. he really want us to appreciate his adoption city. was a great meeting!
and on morning, ready to explore the city!

can you imagine a ski resort or an huge aquarium with 33000 fishes inside a mall, or being under the tallest building of the world and half an hour later in safari 4.4 in the desert? can you imagine an animal bazaar in the middle of the city, between buildings not so far from a "camping" where your neighboors have lions, camel or anaccondas pets...
definitly duabi is a big walt disney parc for adults! everything is possible here, thats beyond all imagination! all this has been built in 10-15 years, as sameer told, speaking about a 30 years old bazaar, "its soso old".


ah yeah sameer is the really kind football player who will invite roberto and me 2 nights in his wonderful palace. he really want us to discover how he live, and will spend all his free time with us, showing everything he has and love. with his lange rover he will pick us up in the mall and we will go climbing the desert sand hills,his billard he will brought us to the animal bazaar, where he buy goats and birds for his nice "camping" in the desert, his place to relax and play with his dogs, and family. we will watch the night falling down from here, seing the buildingfs from farfar away, one day they will come til here for sure, after all dubai and sharjah were born fron the desert! they still attract 20% of the world cran (english?).

on morning the 2 maids will prepare us a huge breakfast and sameer take great care of us, making sure that we have all we need. he is so affraid that we feel bad... how could we, i forgot those 3 days tht i was backpacker, to live like a queen, and spent great time with roberto and found so many common points.
those moments were a great highlight in this trip that i will never forget, ui realize how it gave so much meaning to this trip. im so glad to have meet so kind and humn people, i felt so empty when i left them, nothing had meaning anymore. strangely it was maybe the worst experience during the whole road to leave them, especially roberto, i really got attached to him during those days. we meet very few people like that in a life, and i wondered if i missed something if i ran away insted of going ahead... i realized also that i learnt soso much during this trip, i had so many experiences, never one day had been similar to the previous one. i feel really different and more quiet in mind comparing as when i left!

but its backpackers life... sickness to go always further, to hard curiosity which leads always ahead.
who knows whats gonna happen after?
i cannot imagine anymore what is planning future, have plans make me sick, feel now in he right way! so good, so free!

just got a problem with my camera, got sand inside, 2 days ago, couldnt work any more, i gave it to a shop in delhi, i hope so much that he could have repaired it!

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