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Long time no write… I was most of the time those last days in deep nature! It will be hard to resume those moments which definitely belong to the best life experiences I ve never had!

I just come back from a trekking in laddakh, we were 7 leaving leh at 7.30am 3 days ago, all backpackers on the road for more or less time from US, Ireland, and Belgium.
on the roof of the bus:
First day was quite easy, we stopped in monasteries on the waywe were always warmly welcome by inhabitants and monks. DSC06531.jpg

On evening we will find a really cool guest house in an idyllic village: alol surrounded by huge mountains, the flashy green color of the rice fields contrast with the yellow crops, and the purple, green and borwn rock cut with the blue sky. In this village cows walk freely around while farmers are hard working in their field. With one of them I will make a small concert J he was the drum with his plastic bottle and I played jews harp!

On morning josh will feel bad, high altitude sickness, garlic cannot do anything, he will bhe back in Leh. Face to the stip walking trail, steeve will take the road. As in a TV show, one by one somebody will leave, till there will be only one survivor!

While we crossed the first torrent, deirdra will loose her shoes in the water flow… she will have to turn back with Paddy. DSC06629.jpg

Finally we will make all the way with Alex and Roger, crossingf rivers, climbing vertical rocks, walking in river beds, and nuns will offer us tea and lunch in rizong nunnery.
There, a about 60 years old teacher from Switzerland live. She will be really inspiring for me, I feel so well in this community wherekey values are humanism, kindness, surrounded by all those energetic and lively girls. I feel as if its just a beginning for me, and everybody tell me that im welcome to stay here as long as I want whenever I want, they always need help! It will surely bge for later on, the Tibetan Buddhism, the philosophy, the values, and the holly sites attract me so much from the deepest part of myself…
But we will take the road again, I will remain silent for a while, so many experiences I would like to live, so many things to learn and to discover, im a bit lst sometimes….
We are just about to cross a mountain, about 4500m or more, we see the pass after getting lost for a while, and I really thought that I would never been able to do that, guys don’t feel better than me… but we need to advance, the sun is gonna set in 1 hour. 50 meter and we need to breath, hisg altitude, lack of oxygen….
We will reach the top, the view is astonishing, on the highest rock budhist flags dance above the kilometers of pics snowy or with colorful rocks.
Strangely so huge, they seam so alive so fragile, the rocks and the sand are just like a wrinkled skin, they are like an open book, we can read all natural forces on the shapes, they should have witness so many things for so long!
DSC06648.jpg I feel touched, my head spinned a bit, but I feel deeply proud of myself and of the 2 guys for who I have now a great admiration, im so happy to walk with them. We will get down to the village where we will spend the night and come back to Leh on morning.

Buzzing city, full of tourist, but Leh has something really special, mostly Tibetan, a bit dirty, charming with the high and colorful gompas and stupas and a small potala, they fight for ecology and for a free Tibet, this city represent a part of my ideals!

On evening we meet all together in the restaurant I became a regular, Tibetan vegetarian, where you can eat huge plates of delicious momos for less than 1 euro.

Coming here from Srinagar was the most exciting trip in my life! On the road, a sign: “impossible takes time, difficult will be done immediately”. Yeah it can seam impossible to cross pics of more than 4000 m with a old Tata bus on sandy road \s where 2 cars cannot cross each other when you have a 500m deep at few centimeters from the wheels. It took 2 days, my Israeli neighbor, was green, for my part I was laughting so much, landscaoes where so amazing that I could think about the danger, I felt like in a dream, I was a child in one of those scary trains in funny parcs!

i found this one pretty funny XD, look how it looks alive! and wrinkled

I had a nice time in srinagar too, with Edaz and his friends we went in a fishing trek in a totally wild place. only creatures were wild horses and cows, all around our camp.
I faced the perfect beauty, strange feeling of having ever been there… maybe I dreamt about this place. We got only one fish, cause we spent most of the time playing cards or sport, smoking marijuana (it grows like bad herbs in villages around, and the cows feed with it XD), cooking (woaw that was such meals!). we will be back to the village to get some food for a while, soon 25 persons surround me, staring at me, curious and smiling. They circled around me, few foreigners pass here. I take pictures of the kids with wild eyes, show them and they burst into laught they want more, and soon the whole village want me to take snaps of them!
But everything end, we took a shikara back to the cars and drove to the town. In the house boat a whole Indian family is settle down for some days, they will invite me to have a ride around the lake wit them and to stop ion this very famous island in bollywood movies. The girls wil nicely explain me lot of their family culture, and importance of wedding for them. Very nice time with them, sailing on the lake by night.

Tomorrow we are gonna rent bikes to visit monasteries with my new friends from the trek, and I will take the road to manali during the night, or I will try at least to catch a bus. I heard that its even more rock n roll than srinagar leh!, I enjoy it in advance :D

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