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Ok pictures upload, but I took maybe hundreds of, I just can show very few of them!i also put some on the last article!
thanks for all your messages of support, im sorry its a bit hard to answer right now YY but im so glad to be so well surrounded :)

I arrived in Manali after 2 days of exhausting, bumbing but so amazing bus trip!
I had to say good bye to the rocky and desert hight summits of the small Tibet alias the Laddakh after passing the highest road of the world, at more than 5000 m, to enter himachal Pradesh. The giant mounts will change shapes and appearance at few kilometers distance.
As we are crossing those green valleys, few kilometers away we arrive to the snow summits and waterfalls from where we can see the snow falls from far away, and suddently a huge lake appears in which reflect this dark rocky giant and his rainbow hat above.

pashmina goat:

What can you think when you see such landscapes? Noze stick to the icy window, its like if my mind is out of my body, I took off very far away in a quasi meditating sensation, but suddently coming back on earth… a bad thought take place in my mind, only one month left, i will never have the time to live fully in this heaven, the time….
And for the first time for months I start planning, I forgot the stress which comes from that living only in the present. But I calm down and realized the thousands of sustainable traveling projects I have in mind. This one was only a beginning, a first step to the quest i started to discover human nature, and what is me. So many things I want to learn, to try, from Buddhist teaching and meditation (living in a monastery near to dharamsala for example) , to biological farming (woof) in south America or south asia, passing by volunteering in microfinance in nepal or south India and working permit in Australia, crossing the Americas from north to south, living as nomad in Mongolia or khazakstan, living in a community for a while and withdraw in deep nature and being self efficient after that for some months. And thousands of others…

But we will stop for the night and I will stop thinking finally! My neighbor (Indian who reach to sleep during this crazy trip and felt down sometimes on my shoulders) will help me to find a 40 Ri (0.5 euros) dormitory room in a garage of Keylong with a couple of French I met in the bus, local diner of dal, chapattis and vegetables for 30 ri and go to bed! When they open the door after the short night at 5.30, from my sleeping bag I can see the mountains all around, but no time to admire, the bus has to leave to Manali.
We cro9ss the last summit and camps with poneys and head down to the valley going down throught cloud sea, swampy roads, and monsoon rain welcome us!
Manali is a bit dirty city and very buzzy as I like! I like to wander around the hippie market, the rajastan camp of nomads coming to sell safran in the city, bringing with them TV and expensive cell phones, horses and cows who are not in a hurry to cross roads and enjoy the shadows of the bus in the station, street vegetarian food and drinks everywhere. But I miss some calm. Cannot find it in bookshops or temple or monasteries as usual, so I will have a 3 km walk to go to the next village with boiling hot springs and temples. I will laugh so much with Indian girls in the bath in underwear, cause the contrast of temperature outside and water make our skin become all red! I will laugh even more when I will see those precious American girls entering and staring at me strangely. Have to say that I got muscles and became thinner and without removing hairs for months I look more like men XD

But anyway to come back to the last days: my heart was beating so fast when I had to say goodbye to my friends from Leh, the days we spent together had been so intense, so full of experiences and good times!
On the last day over there, with Deirdra and Paddt we went to Tiksey monastery, in the bus we started speaking with a monk, he lives there for 16 years!
Very naturally, he will invite us in his “house” for a tea. Its the kind of place where you feel well instantly, carpet and mattress on the floor, very simple, very warm. The geranium in front of the window above the valley and seam to show all Himalayas wont tell you the contrary, they are 2 meters high!
Our new friend speaks 6 languages studies mathematics and philosophy as well since he arrived in the monastery at 7 years old, he is waiting for the yellow scarf from the dalai lama, meditating everyday, and studying . He will simply answer our million of questions one by one. After some time he will advise us to go to se the temples above his cell, and coming back after while. The monastery is amazing, 110 monks live there from 7 to 77, the huge head of the Buddha statue is face to a chair on the second floor , who seems to say, “take a seat, we will have a nice discussion”, we will admire the 2 silver stupas for big lamas, the pray room, the temple for protectors with so scary faces that they have been covered by pieces of tissue, the old library with books wrapped in orange tissue and incense smell, the unbielivable view from the roof, we are so close from the sky, the clouds seam to be simply hang from there, decorating as balls on a Christmas tree….
We will exchange addresses and email with our new friend and leave to Leh, just at the same time kids leave school, universal touching scene, that makes me feel so close from home! with the last bus where we will meet Alex and Roger back for Tibetan food.

Tonoght I will take a night bus to Dharamsala after visiting old Manali, but right now, I will have a lunch with friends from slovenia and Holland I met yesterday!

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coucou anne so , je suis abonnée à ton blog maintenant. plus besoin de taper l'adresse a chaque fois ! je t'embrasse tres fort.grand mere

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