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When will the time come,
When in truth i can say,
Say to all my indian friends,
Im going back forever-
Forever back to my home land?

Will the time ever come,
When i can finally thank,
Thank the people of India,
And say Im going back forever,
Forever back to Tibet?

My backpack heavy with my favourite books,
My shoulders hurting from their weight,
My feet sore from days of walking,
But every pain a pleasure because,
Im walking back to my homeland.

My face and finger freezing,
And pain in every part of my body,
But Tibet just over the next pass,
My heart filled with warmth and joy,
And every pain in the body-a pleasure,

When? When will that time come,
When fifty long years will seam-
Seam just like yesterday?
And every pain a pleasure,
And suffering- a thing of the past?

from tomorrow and other poems
by Lhasang Tsering,
Exile house, mc lLeod Ganj, Dharamsala


yesterday, just arrived in Mc Leod Ganj, i saw.... The Dalai Lama!!!!
he passed in a flash, at less than 2 meters from me!
My heart was beating so fast, both because of the presence of one of the most extraordinary human this earth created, and because of the waythe hundreds of tibetans were looking at him, and throwing on the car white scarfs.
sorry i took the picture a bit too late, my finger couldnt move anymore when he passed in front of me!

Its difficult to know when he pass, cause i heard very different times: for his safety, like that chinese cannot plot anyhing against him. i was very lucky!
He is gonna leave to Frankfurt and give teachings all arounbd the world, he will be back here in september, my new friend the nun in Tushita monastery, with who i take tea every morning , is strongely waiting for his teachings!

the heart of the tibetan community beats here, after so many readings and documentation about their cause, im here.
and i could never have imagine what i witnessed, even in a dream, this city doesnt look at all like other in india! athmosphere is full of copmpassion, altruism, and environmentally friendly.
you give one smile you receive thousands of others, from this colorful community, mostly composed with monks wearing red clothes, came as pilgrims.

i realized at what point those values are important for me, as i explained in other article, more and more buddhism echoes in the deepest part of myself. Its like if i had been a lama in another life :)
ok seriously, im sure that i have many things to learn and to discover throught the philosophy and mediatation. I decided then to retreat 10 days in Tushita monastery tomorrow!
dont worry, i wont give news for at least the 10 next days, but everything is fine! no speaking, just one hour a day for teachings, the rest is meditation. I will leave the kilos of books i have in my backpack to concentrate on buddhist manuscripts.im sure i will evolve after such an experience, its totally part of my quest about finding human nature and who i am, i can feel already so many answers, and buddhist values are simply so linked with what i realized and lived during this trip.
i dont tell that here is the only true, i couldnt reach perfection, and enlightement. im just sure that there are some deeply fundamental teachings that i can learn in this religion, and i would need to learn from many others too.
At the end they are quite common, same purpose, especially about life after death.
Buddhist monks concentrate all their life on the death, cause its just at that moment that energies flow to the light point in thorax, and at that moment you can reach enlightement and get rid of reincarnations cycle. Here is the true perfection, some reached it and came back on Earth as humans voluntarily afterwhile to teach humans, they are called boddhisattvas.
Ioups iwill stop here, cause i could continue long time like that!

I felt already like at home in this monastery, and really looking forward for tomorrow!

here some puctures to show the city athmosphere:
in the temple, where hundreds of pilgrims, refugees and lamas come to pray, to study, to meditate, to meet each other.
Heart of Mc Leod Ganj, volunteer come to give health help, food...
athmosphere here made me think about refugee camp, this is striking, you can read so many things in people eyes. they hope, they hope so much that they will be back in their country, they pray so hardly.
i was just very sad cause mostly people here become quite old. Who is gonna pray so much in some years?
on the pilgrim way every morning tibetans come to turn the prayer wheels, and walk along the pray stones on a very steep way.
"Tachi derek!" and a huge smile where often only some teeth left surprised me second after taking this picture. Its all the time like that, people are so friendly!

ah also, before leaving Manali i saw a typical wedding :)
here are some pictures.
strangely the bride seam to be really sad, covered with 10 roupies banknotes, contrasted a lot with people dancing in a huge circle around! DSC06813.jpgDSC06816.jpg

so now i have to go, in the city ther eis a party, with projection of kundun movie, and all you can eat momo (tibetan kind of pierogi), with even chocolate one and my beloved milk tea for only 100 roupies! (about 1.5 euros)

dont worry if ui dont give news for a while, i will be fine!

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I hope this fins you well..
I am really excited to hear that you will be at a monastery for a retreat. I am sure during these 10 days you will have the chance to harvest everything you have experienced throughout your journey. I am really excited for you and wish you a happy and peaceful days there. Congrats on your accomplishments!

by Basak

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