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Back home, in France for few days now :) til the 31 of august, when i will take a plane to montreal
was walking in main bazar, and some hours later, nicely spent with nice neighboors in plane and a transit via colombo, i was in paris! incredible how our world can be fantastic, so diverse, so rich!

i realized how much i love our planet, and its inhabitants, like my home, i will give heart and soul to protect it from now on.
Sitting on the steps of a train, wind in hairs while door open, i was watching the countryside, and those amazing old fruit trees, roots seam to pump the center of earth, people were always sitting under, they provided a refreshing place to rest, they were cementing the floor, harmonising elements, were home for so many beings, giving fruits to feed them and supply the crops and livestock, recycling air and supplying new one, they balance the temperature.. they are the beauty of our planet, continuously replenishes its surrounding, without trees, where would be this majesty?
Shakyamuni Buddha, prince Siddharta was born, reached enlightenment, and passed away under a tree :)
we can understand easily how important it it to plant and nurtur trees are virtuous acts.
I realize how important it is that the whole society need to take interest in planting various kind of trees and flowers around schools, hospitals, factories, restaurants, hotels, in their gardens....
And suddently i had an idea! why not buying all kind of fruit trees seeds, with sponsors for each one of them, and offering them to people, families, etablishments around france first to see if its working well, and then going abroad to expand this movements? planting a tree would be really symbolic, when giving a seed, i should arouse people, kids about importance of environment and how to take care of it, as they will take care of this future tree, making them understand the interdependante nature of the world and its inhabitants. i realized it when i saw people defecating everywhere, throwing garbage in rivers and outside home, spitting everywhere, without imagining that its hazard to health and hygiene, and they are poiling landscapes.
i could take a picture of people who received seeds, they would write few words for the sponsor of their seed behind, and exchange adress, which could increase the connections between different culture and ways of living.

wether we like it or not we are born just as part of a great family on this earth: rich, poor, educated or not, belonging to one nation, ideology or another, we are jus human beings like everyone else. Today every crisis become global, s speaking about my nation, my family, my continent, my traditions is out of date! If we concern this new interdependance, considering interests of others is clearly the best form of self interest!
All phenomenas, from the plaet we inhabit to the oceans, clouds, forests and flowers that surround us arise in dependance upon subtle patterns of energy, without they just dissolve... we need to appreciate this fact of nature even more than in the past!
the rapidchanges in our attitude toward environment is a great source of hope! every individual has the responsibility to help guide our global family in the right direction: large human movements spring from individual initiatives!

im very happy to have heard and red after that such kinds of initiative, promoting fruit tree seeds plantation and care, had already been launched by different people and charities: as the dalai lama, who use his nobel price money to buy seeds, or moitessier, great sailor, or this french movement kokopelli and many others!

im really willing to work in that direction in the years to come, volunteering here or here, involving in or creating sustainable development projects, working a bit abroad if trips cannot be sustainable with working-holidays permits, the next years could be in asia and in australia for me!
i will graduate, and then try to leave about one year in nepal, sikkim or south inda to volunteer in micro finance, then woofing for a while in india, or laos yet to see, then leaving australia and new zealand with permits, keep studying my seed project, finding sponsors eventually... and i have so many other ideas, but as you know, opportunities create on the way and plans break out. then i prefer in the next years to live according to my values, without loosing one second any longer, procrastinating expecting or postponing anything.

I dont know whats gonna happen to me, where this willingness to act for the planet and inhabitants will lead, what my motivation, heart and soul can create and change, but they are here. Im here for my planet, may all attractiv forest expand in all thousands directions , may all sentient creatures be freed from untimely death and live happy lives!

thank you very much!

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