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dubrovnik, croatia

sunny 26 °C

Bad luck! The 10 last days had been so amazing, so incredible that it should have appear at one moment anyway!
Guillaumes mother felt really sick, as we were on the road to makarska, then he decided to come back in france in emmergency. I went back to Split as well just the time to reorganize myslef but i had already took my decision anyway, i just wanted to let some time pass on it. Its all right now, no more wild camping no more hitch hicking, i will use public transport and make some parts of the way by feet. Tomorrow i will go to Kotor, Montenegro by feet and then to durmitor national parc, then to Serbia, macedonia, grece and istanbul.
On the way to Dubrovnik i realized that there is something more than human in every human, something that lead people to take some ways that can seem to be impossible to understand. I have the feeling that i didnt choose anything that im doing, its much more instinct, which lead me to my supposed fate. Its the instinct of everyone to find happiness in his own way!

I feel sad to dont be at the side of persons i love so much, but i feel really well actually. Being alone on the road give me a feeling of freedom, of opening to all experiences that i feel for the first time since the beginning of the trip. Travelling with somebody else is totally different!
Im sure now that im strong enough to go to india, im able to change plans if thats too risky to do this or that, im abloe to secure myslef a maximum and to enjoy the new experiences.

To come back to the last days, i saw some dalmatians cities between Split and Dubrovnik, and passed in bosnia for an hour :) (the bus passed by the city on the coast, but nothing special to see) even if Dubrovnik is wonderful, with the huge old stones, the palaces in front of the water, the small streets parralel on different levels, the most wonderful city in dalmatia is Split for me!

All center is a unesco world heritage, the whole is built on the diocletians palace 245, 313 AD, so there are some original column in the middle of cafesor banks, parts of walls of the romans empire, middle age, and new age, on the same facades, arches, old stones on the floor are polished by passage of visitors in those very small streets dispatching as a labyrinth. Its so cool to walk bynight between cafes, live music bands outside, betwen the clothes drying, which look like phantoms. So strange athmosphere, its so cool to know that somewhere in the world there are such anachronic jewels . Croatia, the country with 1000 islands is definitly an amazing country!Especially in dalmatia, you can find at the feet of the mountains millions of small pebble beaches, while you swimm, you can se fishes under you, and the water reflect the sun as million of diamonts.
Pity that amability of people in touristic places is not always here... but i still go from surprises to surprises, as i explaindžed for people, landscapes, but also customs, for example im thinking about the stickers placed on the wall on the very early morning to show who was dead the previous day, each one stop in front of spend some time reading and continue his way, alive...

will write when i will arrive in kotor!

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sunny 35 °C


sorry no post for a moment, we were in nature, in national croatian parcs, we arrived in zadar yesterday!

we just left Renato who went with us for the 2 last days YY
73 years old of laughts and energy. he will pick us up while we were waiting in rijecka where we spent the night on the beach. He is from italia, venise, and speak a fluent french.
Impossible to keep him in place, the first day we will visit a cave around plitvcka jezera a world heritage for unesco, and then go to swimm in a torrent, before trying a typical restaurant and finally reach our room that the three of us are sharing and play cards.
at 8 everybody is up and we left to visit the national parc so amazing! 16 lakes with transparent water, fishes and between lakes waterfalls and all kinds of green, 7 hours of visit, we felt like in heaven!
we will reach the coast and take our second bath in coratian coast, and we will leave our dear renato in a big hug!

then immediatly 2 wood workers will pick us up, to bring us to zadar, facing to the thousands rooms to rent for tourist, they will explain us that in croatia there is 1 tourist for 3 inhabitants, really too much. But i can understand, in front of us, on the old road to zadar near to the see we can see thousands island and small beaches all around, and its 30 degres. but prices are increasing a lot in croatia, we remark that hostels for tourists and restaurant are at the same price that in france, but daily products are still ok.
we were striked as well cause we saw many mines fields on the road, as we asked them why they will explain us that its too expensive to clean, and here were really hard slovenian conflicts between serbs and croatian, they will show us the houses of their parents some kilometers away and explain us that the whole family went to fight to protect their freedom between 1991 and 1995 , 50000 people killed, and today rage is still here even if conflict is finished, we will have to wait again 20 or 40 years before real friendship once again.

we stopped by ljubjana as well 3 days ago, matthias and mohije with their super heros golden retriever, brought us near, and then sonia student in czech language and theater offer us a ride til the center and a bottle of wine!
here we will offer us our first youth hostel, and a cool shower, ljubjana is a city that you can enjoy by night, beer and ice cream along the river, there are lot of nice pubs, and a whole street of "alternative music" pubs where everything is allowed XD
the following day we will meet jennifer from toronto who decided to discover europe in 3 months alone, had a good time in the market of second hand products, and we left the citywith athanias, to postjone, then igor picked us to the border, with lot of happiness and a really cool yoga attitude, immediatly after we met polona and her friend (so sorry forgot the name YY),who were going to swimm in croatia, had a really cool ride with them til rijecka, exchanging travel tricks and experiences! and i got a new stamp on passeport at the border :D

i now have to go to make some food shopping and tonight we would like to reach split!

promise i will upload pictures and map later on!

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triglav national park

sunny 30 °C

i enjoyed the free internet to upload pictures on the blog and post the 4th article. for the first days i didnt have ay camera, so guillaume took all pictures and is uploading those one on picassa, he took as well pictures of everyone who help us to advance, and stupid pictures of me :D

the link: http://picasaweb.google.com/dietenhoeffer.g/3350Trip#

finally we decided to stay a bit longer in slovenia, gregor the truck driver who helped us to cross the border was totally right, slovenian speciality is not food or anything else, this is the human warm!
people do everything they can to help us, we took the bus only one time because it was 11pm, but others we just show a thumb and some second later someone stopped!
im thinking between others about matthei, who made yesterday a longest trip of more than 40 km to avoid us an hard walk! he was going to check the pool in a new hostel, and told everybody in slovenian that he was with 2 frenchies on the phone and they would have to wait! he pointed out on our map the most beautiful sites to see in slovenia and in croatia as well! he climbed at the top of all moutains around, he told us that from the top of triglav mountain we can see the whole croatia and even the see!
i would have to come back to reach the summit!

landscapes in slovenia cannot be described by words thats why i added pictures, yesterday morning we walked til vintgar gorges, a torrent of transparent water digged a huge canyon in the mountain. We walked in the bottom, in holy fresh air, that we couldnt enjoy otherwise cause its almost 30 degres out of the canyon!
just some sunny rays are filtered between the trees meters and meters above us, whole different kinds of green are here. amazing!

we arrived then in triglav national parc, the most famous in slovenia, mountains are circling a huge lake, we climbed one of thoses to see the savinca waterfall, absolutely wonderful, and had a huge panorama on the valley.

while we walked around the lake, after a 2 hours walk, (im well surpised i support really well the backpack now), a storm felt on us, in 2 second we were all wet, a slovenian women offered us a tea waiting for the sun back, and totally exhausted after our first walk day and 35 km, we planted the tent with 5 french girl very "roots" with locks and piercings, living in a truck, with 6 dogs, an accordion, beers and vodka. they were really kind, but we had to move cause they were not allowed to stay here, so we decided to sleep under the stars, 2 meters from the lake.
we left this morning to have a big walk in the parc, said goodbye to the girls, and after a small break we will go to lubliana today and remain there for the night or near to the caves, tomorrow we should be in croatia!!!

we are definitly so lucky til today! im amazed by people kindness

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4th day!

sunny 28 °C

4th day, aroud 800 km, we crossed slovenian border with gregor and his huge truck, and then joseph alias josko, an old slovenian warmly wlecomed us with his huge smile, and we danced on gypsi music until bled. he left us just in front of the lake.

just at that moment i stopped breathing! its like a small heaven, the lake water is totally transparent, with huge fishes jumping from time to time. In the middle on an island a there is a wonderful church, flooded by the sun. we planted tents just feet into the water, in front of the island, where i just come back by swimming XD

this morning after a lazy breakfast and a sunset, we climbed to the top of of bled castle and remain over there more almost 3 hours, the panorama was unbelievable! we can see the mountains all around. i feel so free!
im so amazed by landscapes we crossed which makes me feel so alive!

but what surprise me the most is people kindness, especially the one of the 14 people wh helped us to advancea bit more to istanbul!
karim and his car without roof, cathleen, gislaine the french sheep raiser student, Hadrian and Sonia the german-swiss couple which never stop holding hands in their amazing toyota 4/4 prototype imported from the states, they will leave us in Konstanz where we will spend the first night and the morning cross the lake by boat. i wont forget manuel and his tatoo car, he took us ten second after i show the "istanbul" pan! and the amazing christophe, who repair expensive clocks, who bought his car the morning, he asked us to help him to find a name for his car, a Q5, he wanted to give a cow name cause in geman, Q means cow! we suggest marguerite XD, for example the previous one was called Dora, like in Nemo cause the GPS never stop talking! After a longest way just for the view on the top of a mountains 2000m hight, he left us on a rest area and told us that wre always meet people twice in a life :)
there were as well daniel, the austrian student who made an internship in alcatel lucent paris, C and Sonia, 2 italians, Levent the turkish truck driver who wanted to lead us til istanbul, with cokes, internet and a turkish lesson :D we loved him and will keep contact! After Sergei the russian tuck driver, and wladimir, the german one.
but there were the kindess as well of innsbruck students , 10 min after arriving in the city they offered us beer and sandwiches for free outside, some were playing music in old sofas, it was so cool that we kept talking with austrians, germans and italian student for almost 3 hours.
I realized that this trip teach me much more things that what i was expecting from. I feel in peace actually cause i think even more today that humans have a good basis.I realized as well that language and cultural differences are not a strong barrier and we have so many things to share with everyone who cross our way.
people are really open, curious and want to exchange, that is surely the backpacking effect, but we really like to play this game adapting to everyone, trying to find what we can offer to him/her. We are a bit now of each person who gave colors to our trip, most difficult thing is leaving, but just thinking what is going to wait me, make me feel so happy and confident. What a great adventure!
I reaized as well at which point there are nbo borders between european countries, we met people with 2 citizenship, couple from different countries, people who work in one and live in another one, and people who play with the tarif rate, to buy stuffs!So multicultural!

Ok i have to leave now we are gonna go to a typical restaurant with gypsi music that a our old and smilly slovenian advised us! (but my german is not that good, hope i understood what he told quie well or we are gonna be lost XD)
Tomorrow we will camp in a national park between gorges, caves, waterfalls..
we should cross croatian border on sunday :)


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1 last day before start!

Im so full of energy, right now i just want to remove shoes, to run in the fields next to my home, which are more like swamps currently... and never stop, just make a race with the clouds, if something appear on my way i will climb it! i feel as if nothing can stop me now :) i guess its just my imagination, but its pretty funny!

ok anyway, a small text in french i wanted to share, found it in the book-cafe "autour du monde" in Orleans, i let you make your own idea on it :)

« Les choses que nos contemporains semblent juger importantes déterminent l'exact périmètre de l'insignifiance : les actualités, les prix, les cours en Bourse, les modes, le bruit de la fureur, les vanités individuelles. je ne veux savoir des êtres que je rencontre ni l'âge, ni le métier, ni la situation familiale : j'ose prétendre que cela m'est clair à la seule façon dont ils ont ôté leur manteau. Ce que je veux savoir, c'est de quelle façon ils ont survécu au désespoir d'être séparés de l'Un par leur naissance, de quelle façon ils comblent le vide entre les grands rendez-vous de l'enfance, de la vieillesse et de la mort et comment ils supportent de n'être pas tout sur cette terre.
Je ne veux pas les entendre parler de cette part convenue de la réalité, toujours la même... Je veux savoir ce qu'ils perçoivent de l'immensité qui bruit autour d'eux. Et j'ai souvent peur du refus féroce qui règne aujourd'hui, à sortir du périmètre assigné, à honorer l'immensité du monde créé. Mais ce dont j'ai plus peur encore, c'est de ne pas assez aimer, de ne pas assez contaminer de ma passion de vivre ceux que je rencontre. Vous le savez comme moi, ce qui reste d'une existence, ce sont ces moments absents de tout curriculum vitae et qui vivent de leur vie propre, ces percées de présence sous l'enveloppe factice des biographies.
Une odeur
Un appel
Un regard
et voilà les malles, les valises, les ballots solidement arrimés dans les soutes qui se mettent en mouvement, s'arrachent aux courroies et aux cordages et vont faire chavirer le navire de notre raison quotidienne. Non qu'à ces moments là nous devenions fous. Loin de là. Un instant, à l'enfermement, à l'odeur confinée du fond du navire a succédé le vent du large. L'illimité pour lequel nous sommes nés se révèle."

Christiane Singer. "Les 7 nuits de la reine

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